Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

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 From its beautiful natural landscapes and waters such as the Kuzuryu River, to the rich history and cultural traditions of its old towns, to its farming communities and bountiful produce, Fukui Prefecture is home to countless vistas that convey its "hometown" feel.

 The locations that comprise the 「100 Hometown Views of Fukui」 are meant not only to capture the beauty of the prefecture's towns, rivers, food, and culture for those outside the prefecture, but to spread awareness of these amazing locales, local produce, and artisanal crafts among residents of the prefecture to ensure that they are preserved for future generations.

 We hope to use this collection in encouraging Fukui natives to return to the prefecture while promoting it to those who have never lived here. Additionally, we wish for it to serve as an inspiration for city, town, and village residents in the prefecture to come together and create their own "hometown view," making Fukui an even more beautiful place to visit and live.

  • Awara City
  • Sakai City
  • Eiheiji Town
  • Katsuyama City
  • Ono City
  • Fukui City
  • Ikeda Town
  • Sabae City
  • Echizen City
  • Echizen Town
  • Minamiechizen Town
  • Tsuruga City
  • Mihama Town
  • Wakasa Town
  • Obama City
  • Ohi Town
  • Takahama Town

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