Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Takahama town


【Entry Number 96】

Takahama and the Old Tango Highway

Though it originally developed as a transit area for seafood and religious pilgrims, today the area between the Takahama and Wada districts of Takahama-cho that once comprised part of the Tango Highway have become a popular destination for swimmers, brimming with lodgings and homes catering to this industry.


【Entry Number 97】


Standing where Takahama Caslte looked out over the ocean during the Muromachi Period, Shiroyama Park has been recognized for the beauty of its eight caves (thus gaining the name Yana no Kisho, or “Beautiful Spot of Eight Caves”).


【Entry Number 98】

Mt. Aoba, the “Mt. Fuji of Wakasa”

Its gentle slopes and resemblance to Japan’s most famous mountain have earned Mt. Aoba the nickname “Wakasa’s Mt. Fuji.” The view from its summit extends into Kyoto and over Wakasa Bay, and the view of it from the Takahama Coast is renowned for its beauty.


【Entry Number 99】

Uchiura Bay

Uchiura Bay, an ocean inlet on the border between Fukui and Kyoto Prefecture, is dotted with cliffs slowly carved by ocean waves over countless years, including the 260m-tall Otomi Cliff. On the eastern-facing slope of the coastline are Hibiki’s terraced rice fields, selected as one of the best 100 terraced rice fields in Japan.


【Entry Number 15】(Takahama Town、Eiheiji Town、Katsuyama City、Echizen Town)

Hakusan, the Sacred Mountain Range

Set against the Kuzuryu River running through the expansive Katsuyama Basin, the graceful Hakusan Range creates a breathtaking view found nowhere else.


【Entry Number 100】(Reinan Region, Fukui Prefecture)

Railway in Wakasa

A ride on the Obama Line brings passengers past the Five Lakes of Mikata and Wakasa Bay, through endless fields and forests, and countless other views both soothing and stimulating.

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