Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Sakai city


【Entry Number 6】

Tojinbo Cliffs

The Tojinbo Cliffs are a Nationally Designated Place of Scenic Beauty composed of rare, pillared pyroxene andesite joints resultant from magma that cooled and hardened along the Echizen coastline.


【Entry Number 7】

Port Town of Mikuni

Mikuni’s traditional homes preserve the town’s history as a flourishing Edo Period port of call for kitamaebune, ships widely used throughout Japan during that time.


【Entry Number 8】

Sakai Plains, Home to Koshihikari Rice

The Sakai Plains are home to koshihikari rice, whose name comes from its wide regards as the “shining light of Echizen,” symbolizes Fukui’s rice culture.


【Entry Number 9】

Harue Lily Village: A Rural Oasis

Yurim Harue, the symbol of Lily Village Park, takes its design from the flower itself and provides visitors with open space for events and gatherings amidst crop fields.


【Entry Number 10】

The Only Surviving Castle Tower in the Hokuriku Region : Maruoka Castle

Maruoka Castle, located in present-day Sakai City, was built in 1576 by Shibata Katsutoyo as a branch castle for Fukui’s Kitanosho Castle.


【Entry Number 11】


Every year, the beauty of Takeda’s weeping cherry trees beckon over 60,000 tourists, who flock to its April cherry blossom festival and the sea of blossoms in which it takes place.


【Entry Number 5】(Sakai city,Awara city)

Sakai Hills Fruit Line

At approximately 1,000 hectares, the sandy soils of northern Sakai’s hills comprise Fukui Prefecture’s largest horticultural area, situated 40m above sea level.


【Entry Number 29】(Sakai city,Fukui city)

Sanribama’s Leek Blossoms

The dunes of Sanribama, located near Fukui City and Sakai City’s Mikuni-cho, are the result of sand deposits from the Kuzuryu River accumulated over time.


【Entry Number 30】(Sakai city,Fukui city)

Burial Sites of Fukui’s Great Generals

In Fukui, one can find many gravesites and mausoleums of the prefecture’s famous generals and rulers. Fukui City’s Tanotani-cho is home to Daianzen-ji, which houses Senjojiki, mausoleum to Fukui’s ruling Matsudaira clan.


【Entry Number 59】(Sakai city,Echizen town)

Echizen’s Crab and Port Towns

The Echizen coastline is dotted with fishing villages and port towns, and homes and fresh fish markets line Rt. 305 as it passes by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.

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