Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Oono city


【Entry Number 22】

Ono City’s Castle and Architecture

The area of Ono City retains its original layout, patterned after a go-board. Constructed by Kanamori Nagachika, loyal retainer to Oda Nobunaga, the town below the castle separated samurai and commoner residences, as well as Buddhist temples, from one another. 400 years later, the spirit and architecture of the original town are alive and well.


【Entry Number 23】

Renowned Waters of Ono

Ono City is a treasure house of clear springs which can be found throughout the city and its environs. Among them Itoyo-cho’s Hongan Shozu is particularly important, being a waterway dug to feed water to the castle town and the beginning of the city’s notoriety as a home to pure waters.


【Entry Number 24】

Mt. Arashima

Towering 1,523m over the Ono Valley, Mt. Arashima is renowned for its beauty and recognized as one of Japan’s 100 greatest mountains. A single viewing from the Ono or Katsuyama City areas illustrate the unique beauty it brings to the Okuestu area.


【Entry Number 25】

Mana River

The Mana Gorge, situated approximately 1km upriver from the Gojoho Dam, stands out among the many picturesque spots throughout the prefecture. The depth of its waters contrast with the sloping green forests at its banks, creating a remarkable color and brilliant natural landscape.


【Entry Number 26】

Rokuroshi Plateau

The Rokuroshi Plateau is a formation of volcanic rock situated between northeastern Ono and Southwester Katsuyama City, at the foot of Kyo-ga-dake (elev. 1,625m), and was selected as the most beautiful spot for stargazing in a national competition.


【Entry Number 27】

Lake Karikomi and Mt. Sannomine

At the foot of Mt. Gankyoji (elev. 1,690m) upstream along the Uchinami River lies Lake Karikomi, whose mirror surface is lined with beech and Mongolian oak trees. The fall brings brilliant colors to their leaves and creates a sensational view that few have discovered, beautifully reflected on its calm surface.


【Entry Number 28】

Four Seasons at Lake Kuzuryu

Be it the brilliant spring blossoms, canvas of colors from fall foliage, or wintry white slopes, Lake Kuzuryu’s bountiful natural surroundings create a beautiful panorama regardless of the season.


【Entry Number 20】(Ono City、Katsuyama City)

Old Weaving Towns of Okuetsu

At its peak, the area beckoned over a thousand workers from across the country, helping the area to flourish as a center of textile production. In the vicinity of present-day Katsuyama City, the rows of factories still standing call to mind its heyday as a prosperous manufacturing region.


【Entry Number 21】(Ono City、Katsuyama City)

Boulders of Okuetsu

Among and between the fields of Ono City’s Sakadani district, visitors will soon discover a number of large rock formations. Known as bukuishi by locals, these rocks are the result of geological processes tens of thousand of years ago, and are thought to be the result of rocks and soils shaken loose from nearby Kyo-ga-dake.

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