Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Ohi town


【Entry Number 93】

Ogase Fireworks Display

In late August every year, the waters of the Aoto Inlet and Oshima Peninsula in Oi-cho are aglow with the brilliant display that is the Wakasa Oi Super Ogase fireworks festival. This 300-plus year-old festival has been designated a Prefectural Intangible Folk Cultural Property. After dusk, a procession of torches, taiko drums, and flutes forms a river of fire.


【Entry Number 94】

Saburi River

The Saburi River runs through what was once the center of Oi-cho. Bordered by rice fields and mountains, it presents a soothing sight. An 8km stretch along the river is bordered by cherry blossom trees, decorating the riverside and roadways with soft pink petals in spring.


【Entry Number 95】


Upstream from where the Minami River meets Obama Bay lies the settlements comprising Natasho.It is known today for its links to the Tsuchimikado clan founded by famous Heian Period diviner Abe no Seimei.Throughout the village one can find thatched-roof houses that have retained their form for centuries.


【Entry Number 100】(Reinan Region, Fukui Prefecture)

Railway in Wakasa

A ride on the Obama Line brings passengers past the Five Lakes of Mikata and Wakasa Bay, through endless fields and forests, and countless other views both soothing and stimulating.

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