Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Mihama town


【Entry Number 80】


Just as its name implies, Mihama, or “beautiful shore,”derives its charm from the beautiful beaches that border the town. Its clear waters and fine white sands have earned its inclusion in the 88 Swimming Areas of Japan.


【Entry Number 81】

Hiruga and Hayase Fishing Villages

Situated on the shores of Lake Hiruga, which connects to the Japan Sea, the Hiruga district is a true fishing village bathed in the lake’s rough waves and ocean breeze. Every January villagers gather under fishermen’s banners to watch the mid-water tug-of-war, a local tradition which has lasted 360 years.


【Entry Number 82】(Mihama Town、Wakasa Town)

The Five Lakes of Mikata

The natural beauty of the Five Lakes of Mikata is representative of the Wakasa Bay National Park, and has enjoyed the highest of reputations from the days of the Many?sh? to the present. Every season brings its own charms to the lakes, and the waters of each have their own unique color.


【Entry Number 83】(Mihama Town、Wakasa Town)

O no Mai, Dance of the Tengu

Every May brings a performance of the O no mai, a traditional dance featuring a man dressed as a tengu (a common character in Japanese folklore) is performed at Mimi Shrine in Mihama-cho’s Miyashiro district. It is said that this dance’s origins lie with the imperial family, and several shrines throughout Wakasa hold performances of it.


【Entry Number 100】(Reinan Region, Fukui Prefecture)

Railway in Wakasa

A ride on the Obama Line brings passengers past the Five Lakes of Mikata and Wakasa Bay, through endless fields and forests, and countless other views both soothing and stimulating.

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