Natural beauty, history, culture, agriculture...introducing the vistas of our hometown, Fukui.

The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui

Entries within Katsuyama city


【Entry Number 12】(Katsuyama City、Eiheiji Town)

Kuzuryu River

Standing atop Mt. Ho’on-ji (elevation 1,357m) grants climbers a sweeping view of the grand Kuzuryu River and the Katsuyama City area. On a sunny day, one can enjoy a serene view extending as far as the Fukui Plains.


【Entry Number 15】(Katsuyama City、Eiheiji City、Echizen Town 、Takahama Town)

Hakusan, the Sacred Mountain Range

Set against the Kuzuryu River running through the expansive Katsuyama Basin, the graceful Hakusan Range creates a breathtaking view found nowhere else.


【Entry Number 16】

Geopark Katsuyama: Where Dinosaurs Slumber

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, situated in the eastern side of Katsuyama City, combines modern architecture with vistas of verdant mountains to create a picturesque panorama. From atop nearby Mt. Muroko, visitors can take in the museum and the Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest.


【Entry Number 17】

Kitadani Hamlets

In Kitadani-cho, near the border with Ishikawa Prefecture, hamlets dot the terraces made by the Takinami River’s flow. Known for its tremendous snowfall even within the prefecture, the roof of each house needs to be cleared of snow several times in a normal year.


【Entry Number 18】

Remnants of Old Katsuyama

Since its days as the central district of Katsuyama’s castle town, February has welcomed the Sagicho Festival to Katsuyama City’s Hon-machi, a celebration meant to ensure a good harvest.


【Entry Number 19】

Hakusan Heisen-ji Temple

At approximately 200 hectares in area, Hakusan Heisen-ji Temple is one of the largest historic sites in Japan. Built by the grand monk Daicho in 717, it served as the headquarters of the Hakusan religion in the Echizen region, and at its peak housed 48 shrines, 36 temple halls, 6,000 monks, and s?hei warrior monks.


【Entry Number 20】(Katsuyama City、Ono City)

Old Weaving Towns of Okuetsu

At its peak, the area beckoned over a thousand workers from across the country, helping the area to flourish as a center of textile production. In the vicinity of present-day Katsuyama City, the rows of factories still standing call to mind its heyday as a prosperous manufacturing region.


【Entry Number 21】(Katsuyama City、Ono City)

Boulders of Okuetsu

Among and between the fields of Ono City’s Sakadani district, visitors will soon discover a number of large rock formations. Known as bukuishi by locals, these rocks are the result of geological processes tens of thousand of years ago, and are thought to be the result of rocks and soils shaken loose from nearby Kyo-ga-dake.

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