To Live in Fukui/Daily life infomation for foreign residents in Japan
What do I do now?
Information about various procedures necessary for survival in Japan and FAQ.

Don’t Panic! Useful Case-by-case Information for Emergencies.

International Activities/Cooperation/Understanding
Volunteer Activities
Fukui Pref. International Activities Group Contacts
Support System
International Exchange and Cooperation for Everybody
Enjoying Fukui
Fukui's Highlights
Introduction to Major Sightseeing Areas in Fukui
A Taste of Fukui
Fukui is full of delicious delicacies, from land and sea, such as Echizen crab, sweet prawn, etc.
Things to Do
Introduction to sights in Fukui, divided into "museum and gardens", "hands-on activities", "history", "outdoor activities", "hot springs", and "study"
Event Information
Introduction to major monthly events held through the year
Transportation in Fukui
Detailed Information about Fukui's public transportation, train and bus route maps, and a "driving map"

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